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cheap fly to madrid

  • The capital of Spain; pop. 2,985,000. Situated on a high plateau in the center of the country, it replaced Valladolid as capital in 1561

  • the capital and largest city situated centrally in Spain; home of an outstanding art museum

  • Madrid (Spanish , English ) is the capital and largest city of Spain. The population of the city is roughly 3.3 million (as of December 2009); the entire population of the metropolitan area (urban area and suburbs) is calculated to be nearly 6 million.

  • Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is politically organized with a division in 21 districts (distritos), which are further subdivided into 128 wards (barrios):. All districts are governed by an organ named Junta Municipal de Distrito.

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flying cheap

flying cheap

"Last time we checked, Madrid was in Madrid"

Well, i submit to that ad from Virgin Express. The "Brussels South" airport happens to be in Charleroi, that is, 60 kilometers from the capitol of Belgium.

Actually i have nothing against flying budget airlines. Let's face it - unless it is some small africa based carrier (no offence ment) there is nothing to worry. Aircraft is just about the same, maintenance is the same, pilots are the same, procedures are just the same. You have to face paid drinks and crowded terminals. I can live with that.

The Charleroi is a funny airport. It has single runway which happens to be parallel to the road running next to the fence. You can race departing jets!!!

The apron is quite small and the planes seem to actually park in front of the building rather than "perform a taxi".

The plane on the picture is not ours; actually we were flying Wizzair.

¡MADRID! 04 Centro Turismo Colón Alvaro Siza 5264

¡MADRID! 04 Centro Turismo Colón Alvaro Siza 5264

Centro de turismo y cultura de Colon. Madrid
Arquitectos: Alvaro Siza, Juan Miguel Hernandez Leon, Carlos de Riano Lozano, ano 2007
El Centro de Turismo Colon es el punto de informacion turistica mas grande de Madrid y se encuentra situado en el antiguo paso subterraneo de la Plaza de Colon.
El arquitecto portugues Alvaro Siza, premio Pritzker de arquitectura, que realiza esta su primera obra en Madrid en colaboracion con los espanoles Juan Miguel Hernandez de Leon y Carlos de Riano, ha transformado el oscuro pasadizo bajo la Castellana, en un espacio calido y luminoso. Sus componentes esenciales son la madera, el ladrillo y, un delicado impluvium por el que se filtra la luz natural, y que ilumina una lamina de agua. Este espacio integra la via publica –al seguir sirviendo de paso de peatones-, con un servicio publico de atencion e informacion turistica, ademas de espacios para exposicion y coloquios.

cheap fly to madrid

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