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Airfare To Korea

airfare to korea

  • the fare charged for traveling by airplane

  • A fare is the fee paid by a passenger allowing him or her to make use of a public transport system: rail, bus, taxi, etc. In the case of air transport, the term airfare is often used.

  • The price of a passenger ticket for travel by aircraft

  • (Airfares) An airliner is a large fixed-wing aircraft for transporting passengers and cargo. Such planes are owned by airlines.

  • A region in eastern Asia that forms a peninsula between the East Sea and the Yellow Sea, now divided into the countries of North Korea and South Korea. Ruled from the 14th century by the Korean Yi dynasty but more recently dominated by the Chinese and Japanese in turn, Korea was annexed by Japan in 1910. Following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II, it was partitioned along the 38th parallel in 1948

  • (korean) a native or inhabitant of Korea who speaks the Korean language

  • Tucano (also Tukana, Tucana, Tukano, Dasea, Juruti, Juriti, Yuruti, Tariana, Tariano, Konea, Korea, Patsoka, Wahyara; autonym: Dahseye) is a Tucanoan language spoken in Amazonas, Brazil and Colombia.

  • an Asian peninsula (off Manchuria) separating the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan; the Korean name is Dae-Han-Min-Gook or Han-Gook



An Amazing Asian Adventure

Two people will spend a week in their choice of an Asian destination---South Korea, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, or Thailand. For example, if you choose Vietnam, an amazing mix of French colonial and traditional Asian cultures await as you explore Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon); if you choose South Korea, the palaces and gardens of the Korean emperors are among the finest in the world; and if you choose China, you will enter the Forbidden City as well as see the 2008 Olympic Games venues. Decisions, Decisions!! But wherever you choose to go, you will be accompanied by veteran Asian traveler Mary Jo Pinnell, who will show you the sights, take you to her favorite shopping destinations, recommend the finest restaurants, and otherwise ensure you are pampered and cared for in every way. The package includes an airfare and hotel credit of $4,500. Date to be arranged and trip length could be extended if special arrangements are made with Mary Jo.

Yakima Rotary Agriculturists
Yakima Rotary Attorneys
Yakima Rotary Physicians $6,500



After food and lots of beer at Hollywood in Nampo Dong, we walked back to Yeong-do. When we stopped at the bank, A and I discovered that our airfare reimbursement had been deposited and insisted on celebrating with more beer (and fruit, and a bottle of soju!)

I had a really bad day (culture shock!) and decided that the cure was a night out drinking some beer. A and K were nice enough to join me!

airfare to korea

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Airline Ticket To Frankfurt

airline ticket to frankfurt

  • Frankfurt on the Main: a German city; an industrial and commercial and financial center

  • Frankfurt am Main (, ), commonly known simply as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany, with a 2009 population of 672,000. The urban area had an estimated population of 2,295,000 in 2010.

  • A commercial city in western Germany, in the state of Hesse; pop. 654,000. Full name Frankfurt am Main

  • The Bezirk Frankfurt, also Bezirk Frankfurt (Oder), was a district (Bezirk) of East Germany. The administrative seat and the main town was Frankfurt (Oder).

colour up the new year :)

colour up the new year :)

this is how I want to welcome the new year. With a big big smile on my face. and some colour :P. And the same list I sent to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve through my Myspace page :P. Hopefully I'm gonna get some of these things along the year :P

Dear Santa,
I know I'm late but you know me. I always do things in a hurry. Hope you're having time to read this and get me what I want. I'd be really disappointed if you didn't, since I'm the only one who's 23 and still believes in you. LOL

Here is a small list of what I'd really, really love to get.

*A house in London, or in Paris, or in Rio de Janeiro, or in Frankfurt. Or in New York City, why not. I don't mind about the size, anything would be fine :)

*A new car. Mine is getting old and a Porsche Carrera 4 would be the perfect change.

*A treadmill. I'll be gaining weight these days and you know how much I hate going to the gym.

*A Nikon D200 DSLR camera with all possible lenses, a tripod, and a comfy bag to carry all of the equipment. Aw, and don't forget a photography teacher. Handsome and with a good sense of humour is better, btw.

*burton complete snowboarding equipment. Including a snowboarding teacher, and don't forget to get him handsome, of course.

*unlimited plane tickets with Lufthansa or BA. Forget about crappy airlines like Alitalia.

*Season ticket for AC Milan and better results for the team. We've suffered too much already. :D

*THAT job in britain for next summer.

*The certainty of being taken at the MBA I dream to attend. In Milan, in Geneva, in Heidelberg, anywhere.

*turning back time to the 28th July. Just for a moment.

*the perfect outfit for my graduation in October and a flawless dissertation. I must be smashing and perfect, everyone has to be speechless.

*a whole new wardrobe

*new furniture for my bedroom

*a chocolate Labrador dog. male, since I've already thought about the name.

*tickets for the best festival of indie music in Britain next summer

*a job at the Book Trade Fair in Frankfurt

...that should be enough for this year.

shot: Kia
Editing in PS: me

Clutter above my desk

Clutter above my desk

I am really surprised that I haven't bothered to take a picture of the things hanging off of the magnetic strip above my desk.

From left to right and top to bottom:
-- Three day tourist Helsinki transit pass
-- Autograph of Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk (from "In the Mood for Love" and "Irma Vep" fame). My mother snagged this almost twenty years ago when she saw her in a taxi queue in Hong Kong.
-- Post-it note from my former co-worker, Laura
-- Autographed card of former Canadien, Guy Carbonneau. This was pulled from a retail box of Upper Deck's Montreal Canadiens centennial set.
-- Wrapper for gummy airplanes that promoted the new (at the time) Portland to Frankfurt Lufthansa flight. This is one of the jewels of my airline collection. I also have an unopened bag somewhere.
-- Used ticket from the Brondby v. AC Horsens match at Brondby Stadion back in November.
-- Photobooth pictures of Alia. She took these before we met.
-- Sticker for Bleu des causses cheese from Pastaworks. Bleu des causses is one of my favourite cheeses (Cashel Blue and Fromage de Meaux are two others)
-- Autographed card of Carey Price, pulled from a pack of 07/08 Be a Player cards.
-- Headrest cover from a Northwest A330. This is probably sort of gross as I'm sure a lot of people's heads have ben on this thing.
-- Used ticket for a journey to Schiphol from Amsterdam Centraal.
-- Miriam Yeung in an Nike advertisement from some magazine. Lynda sent this to me.
-- Topps 00/01 card of Saku Koivu.
-- Postcard depicting many international newspapers. I bought this years ago and never bothered to send it to anybody since I liked it so much.

airline ticket to frankfurt

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Cheap Fly To Madrid

cheap fly to madrid

  • The capital of Spain; pop. 2,985,000. Situated on a high plateau in the center of the country, it replaced Valladolid as capital in 1561

  • the capital and largest city situated centrally in Spain; home of an outstanding art museum

  • Madrid (Spanish , English ) is the capital and largest city of Spain. The population of the city is roughly 3.3 million (as of December 2009); the entire population of the metropolitan area (urban area and suburbs) is calculated to be nearly 6 million.

  • Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is politically organized with a division in 21 districts (distritos), which are further subdivided into 128 wards (barrios):. All districts are governed by an organ named Junta Municipal de Distrito.

  • relatively low in price or charging low prices; "it would have been cheap at twice the price"; "inexpensive family restaurants"

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  • travel through the air; be airborne; "Man cannot fly"

  • two-winged insects characterized by active flight

  • (British informal) not to be deceived or hoodwinked

  • A flying insect of a large order characterized by a single pair of transparent wings and sucking (and often also piercing) mouthparts. Flies are noted as vectors of disease

  • An infestation of flying insects on a plant or animal

  • Used in names of flying insects of other orders, e.g., butterfly, dragonfly, firefly

flying cheap

flying cheap

"Last time we checked, Madrid was in Madrid"

Well, i submit to that ad from Virgin Express. The "Brussels South" airport happens to be in Charleroi, that is, 60 kilometers from the capitol of Belgium.

Actually i have nothing against flying budget airlines. Let's face it - unless it is some small africa based carrier (no offence ment) there is nothing to worry. Aircraft is just about the same, maintenance is the same, pilots are the same, procedures are just the same. You have to face paid drinks and crowded terminals. I can live with that.

The Charleroi is a funny airport. It has single runway which happens to be parallel to the road running next to the fence. You can race departing jets!!!

The apron is quite small and the planes seem to actually park in front of the building rather than "perform a taxi".

The plane on the picture is not ours; actually we were flying Wizzair.

¡MADRID! 04 Centro Turismo Colón Alvaro Siza 5264

¡MADRID! 04 Centro Turismo Colón Alvaro Siza 5264

Centro de turismo y cultura de Colon. Madrid
Arquitectos: Alvaro Siza, Juan Miguel Hernandez Leon, Carlos de Riano Lozano, ano 2007
El Centro de Turismo Colon es el punto de informacion turistica mas grande de Madrid y se encuentra situado en el antiguo paso subterraneo de la Plaza de Colon.
El arquitecto portugues Alvaro Siza, premio Pritzker de arquitectura, que realiza esta su primera obra en Madrid en colaboracion con los espanoles Juan Miguel Hernandez de Leon y Carlos de Riano, ha transformado el oscuro pasadizo bajo la Castellana, en un espacio calido y luminoso. Sus componentes esenciales son la madera, el ladrillo y, un delicado impluvium por el que se filtra la luz natural, y que ilumina una lamina de agua. Este espacio integra la via publica –al seguir sirviendo de paso de peatones-, con un servicio publico de atencion e informacion turistica, ademas de espacios para exposicion y coloquios.

cheap fly to madrid

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Compare Flights To Florida - Airline Tickets Sites - Cheapest Flight To South Korea.

Compare Flights To Florida

compare flights to florida

  • comparison: qualities that are comparable; "no comparison between the two books"; "beyond compare"

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  • Florida is the debut full-length studio album by producer and DJ Diplo.

  • a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War

  • Florida is a Barcelona Metro station in the municipality of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, served by L1 (red line). The station opened in 1987 as part of the newly-built extension of the subway line further into L'Hospitalet.

  • A state in the southeastern US, on a peninsula that extends into the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico; pop. 15,982,378; capital, Tallahassee; statehood, Mar. 3, 1845 (27). Explored by Ponce de Leon in 1513, it was purchased from Spain by the US in 1819. It is a popular resort and retirement area

Galapagos Islands-612

Galapagos Islands-612

A Flamingo in one of the salty pools of Isabella

The American Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) is a large species of flamingo closely related to the Greater Flamingo and Chilean Flamingo. It has also been known as the Caribbean Flamingo, but the species' presence in the Galapagos makes that name problematic. The American Flamingo breeds in the Galapagos Islands, coastal Colombia and Venezuela and nearby islands, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and in the northern Caribbean in the Bahamas, Hispaniola, Cuba and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Most sightings in southern Florida are usually considered to be escapees, although at least one bird banded as a chick in the Yucatan Peninsula has been sighted in Everglades National Park, and others may be genuine wanderers from Cuba. Its preferred habitats are similar to that of its relatives: saline lagoons, mudflats, and shallow brackish coastal or inland lakes. Like all flamingos, it lays a single chalky white egg on a mud mound, between May and August; incubation until hatching takes from 28 to 32 days; both parents brood the young for a period of up to 6 years when they reach sexual maturity. Their life expectancy of 40 years is one of the longest in birds. The American Flamingo is 120–140 cm (47–55 in) in length; males weigh 2.8 kg (6.2 lb) and females 2.2 kg (4.9 lb) kg. Most of its plumage is pink, giving rise to its earlier name of Rosy Flamingo and differentiating adults from the much paler Greater Flamingo. The wing coverts are red, and the primary and secondary flight feathers are black. It is the only flamingo which naturally inhabits North America. The bill is pink and white with a restricted black tip, and the legs are entirely pink. The call is a goose-like honking.

Shaped like a sea horse, Isabela is the largest of the the islands in the Galapagos, more than 4 times larger than Santa Cruz the next largest. Isabela is 80 miles (100 km) in length and though it is remarkably beautiful it is not one of the most visited islands in the chain. Its visitor sites are far apart making them accessible only to faster boats or those with longer itineraries. One of the youngest islands, Isabela is located on the western edge of the archipelago near the Galapagos hot spot. At approximately 1 million years old, the island was formed by the merger of 6 shield volcanoes - Alcedo, Cerro Azul, Darwin, Ecuador, Sierra Negra and Wolf. Five of the six volcanoes are still active (the exception is Ecuador) making it one of the most volcanically active places on earth. Visitors cruising past Elizabeth Bay on the west coast can see evidence of this activity in the fumaroles rising from Volcan Chico on Sierra Negra. Two of Isabela's volcanoes lie directly on the equator - Ecuador and Volcan Wolf. Volcan Wolf is the youngest of Isabela's volcanoes and at 5,600ft (1707 m) the highest point in the Galapagos. Isabela is known for its geology, providing visitors with excellent examples of the geologic occurrences that have created the Galapagos Islands including uplifts at Urbina Bay and the Bolivar Channel, Tuft cones at Tagus Cove, and Pulmace on Alcedo. Isabela is also interesting for its flora and fauna. The young island does not follow the vegetation zones of the other islands. The relatively new lava fields and surrounding soils have not developed the sufficient nutrients required to support the varied life zones found on other islands. Another obvious difference occurs on Volcan Wolf and Cerro Azul, these volcanoes loft above the cloud cover and are arid on top. Isabela's rich animal, bird, and marine life is beyond compare. Isabela is home to more wild tortoises than all the other islands. Isabela's large size and notable topography created barriers for the slow moving tortoises; apparently the creatures were unable to cross lava flows and other obstacles, causing several different sub-species of tortoise to develop. Today tortoises roam free in the calderas of Alcedo, Wolf, Cerro Azul, Darwin and Sierra Negra. Alcedo Tortoises spend most of their life wallowing in the mud at the volcano crater. The mud offers moisture, insulation and protects their exposed flesh from mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. The giant tortoises have a mediocre heat control system requiring them to seek the coolness of the mud during the heat of the day and the extra insulation during the cool of the night. On the west coast of Isabela the nutrient rich Cromwell Current upwelling creating a feeding ground for fish, whales, dolphin and birds. These waters have long been known as the best place to see whales in the Galapagos. Some 16 species of whales have been identified in the area including humpbacks, sperms, sei, minkes and orcas. During the 19th century whalers hunted in these waters until the giant creatures were near extinction. The steep cliffs of Tagus Cove bare the names of many of the whaling ships and whalers which hunted in these waters. Birders will be delighted with

Journey into Imagination

Journey into Imagination

I've been watching Martin's tribute videos to Journey into Imagination (original) and the other 2 versions (to see all the stupid changes that have been made over the years) lately, and have become obsessed with this pavilion. I spent a great deal of time around this pavilion recently thinking how it used to look, and how great it once was.

I remember the open lobby area with the wonderful mural of the ride painted on the wall, and how you could also look down on the ride from the Imageworks. Now the lobby has been cut in half, boxed in, and the mural is gone.

As for the ride, its kind of weird and sad to think that the hole in the wall that you walk into in the queue is where the old ride vehicles once went through. Its also kind of sad to think that the Playground of the Future- the Imageworks, has been closed for over 10 years, with this upcoming October marking the 11th year. I would like to go up there so badly, lots of great memories were made up there, and mostly everything still remains so it would be great to see it all before its gone.

A Brief Comparison Between JII 1 and JII 3
Just ignore the huge mess that was JII 2, it can give you nightmares just thinking about it!

All versions of JII shared the same track layouts, with JII 2 and 3 having a shortened track
Also to make note, the original JII featured scenes on both sides of the track throughout the ride, while JII 2 and JII 3 for the most part tend to have scenes on only 1 side of the track-- forcing you to look at what they want. Meaning? A lot less to look at.

• The new load area is at the far end of the original turntable-Flight to Imagination scene

• The Dreamport scene, after the Flight to Imagination turntable scene, is now the Sound Lab with Figment on the telephone and the train audio.

• The Arts scene with all of the white set pieces being lit up by colors, and Figment holding the paint tube is now the Sight Lab with the Figment eye exam ("Follow the bouncing Figment...")

• The Literature scene with all of the words on the walls, Figment holding the BAT and CAT blocks, Figment making shadow puppets, and the scared Figment is now the Smell Lab with the skunk effect and also the Touch and Taste Lab entrance area (aka: the Figment loading dock area)

• The Performing Arts scene with Figment in the dressing room, the stage set pieces, and the Astronaut Figment is now Figments Open House -- the upside down house.

• The Science and Technology Scene with Dreamfinder showing us different images of flowers, plants and other science clips is now the "Imagination is a blast!" finale with all of the different Figments.

• The Dreamfinder magician scene is now the unload area, the rest of the original Journey into Imagination is now the new Imageworks -- which I must say is nowhere near as good, fun, creative or whatever you want to call it when compared with the original, upstairs Imageworks.

• Of the scenes that were lost: the aforementioned Dreamfinder magician scene, the Figment finale scene where we see Figment's imagination on the screens above the vehicles with Figment standing in the center of the room, the Dreamfinder camera scene where he takes our picture and shows it to us, the original unload area, the original load area, and about 3/4 of the Flight to Imagination scene (turntable scene).

If you would like to see videos showing the history of this pavilion and the Journey Into Imagination ride than head over to, and download Martin's Tribute Videos to Journey Into Imagination and Journey Into Imagination 99 and 02. He has put a lot of information in these videos, with lots of history about the pavilion and what used to go where- showing you the each version and how they all looked, basically everything about this area is in these videos. You will learn things you never knew before. They really are that fascinating, and they have a tendency to make me sad.

compare flights to florida

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Direct Flights To Split - Japan Flight Prices.

Direct Flights To Split

direct flights to split

    direct flights
  • (Direct Flight) Where the plane goes directly from the departure city to the arrival city and the traveler does not need to change planes.

  • Travelers often confuse direct flights with nonstop flights but there is a big difference. A direct flight means your plane will stop somewhere enroute to your final destination. These stops can last anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 hours.

  • (direct flight) a flight with one or more intermediate stops but no change of aircraft

    to split
  • to divide or break up an edit into two parts.

  • Oregon Health & Science University (split off hospital from school)

  • Cutting a log to the required length using the desired method of slicing.

direct flights to split - MySims Sky

MySims Sky Heroes

MySims Sky Heroes

Take to the sky to lead the resistance against Morcubus and his drone army and to stop his plans to take over the skyways. MySims SkyHeroes is an all new adventure that brings the thrill and high speed action of flying to the creative, immersive world of MySims.

MySims SkyHeroes takes the popular MySims game franchise in a whole new direction and to new levels. Unlike earlier releases in the series that were firmly rooted in the Simulation video game genre, SkyHeroes is a true action-adventure game based around aerial combat, complete with an exciting new storyline, addictive single player campaign gameplay and both local and online multiplayer options, including co-op. Additional features include characters both from earlier games in the series and others brand-new, character and aircraft customization and diverse gameplay environments.
MySims SkyHeroes game logo
The fun part about being an amnesiac, especially one who appears to be a gifted and skilled pilot, is that there is no baggage from the past to weigh you down, and virtually no limits to what you can do. Take to the sky to lead the resistance against Morcubus and his drone army and to stop his plans to take over the skyways. MySims SkyHeroes is an all new adventure that brings the thrill and high speed action of flying to the creative, immersive world of MySims.
Playable pilots and Morcubus from MySims SkyHeroes
Take to the sky to defeat the evil Morcubus.
View larger.
Unlike earlier releases in the MySims franchise, MySims SkyHeroes is a full-fledged action-adventure game. Go from unknown pilot to celebrated hero as you defeat dangerous enemies in aerial dogfights, test your reflexes in fast-paced speed challenges, and take on massive enemy bosses that demand all your skill as a pilot to survive. As you progress, you build, customize and tune your aircraft to give you an edge in combat – upgrade your wings for swifter maneuvers, switch out your engine for a speed boost, or change the paint job to camouflage your plane and avoid enemy fire.
Another exciting feature rolled up into MySims SkyHeroes is its substantial multiplayer support. Locally players can face Morcubus' drones with an ally in split-screen cooperative gameplay, or if they choose take the game online to challenge your friends in fun, competitive 10-player high speed action. Either way, Morcubus and his drones must be stopped. The question is: will you rise to the challenge?!
Key Game Features
Adventure Story – Become the Hero who defeats Morcubus and saves the skies from tyranny
Air Combat – Take on dangerous enemies in high speed air battles that range from dogfights to air raids to rescue missions that number more than 40 in all
Boss Battles – As you proceed through levels, take on increasingly difficult bosses
Customization – Build and tune your aircraft to optimize it for battle
Up to Ten Players Online – Fly with or against your friends in online co-op and PvP gameplay (supports up to 10 players)
A Wealth of Characters – The game includes both characters new to the MySims universe and favorites from previous games in the series
Additional Screenshots
Fire-breathing boss battle from MySims SkyHeroes
Challenging boss battles.
View larger. Tropical environment featuring Mayan-inspired pyramid from MySims SkyHeroes
Diverse play environments.
View larger. Sim Pilot with customizable plane from MySims SkyHeroes
Plane & Sims customization.
View larger. Supporting characters from MySims SkyHeroes
New & favorite characters.
View larger.

88% (15)

Earth from moon with dates

Earth from moon with dates

My son was in his playpen and we were putting on our gladrags in a hotel room in Brighton, preparing for a celebrity wedding. The TV was on in the corner of the room, it was 1972, and I could see two men jumping up and down on the moon and racing around in their lunar buggy. Suddenly the television camera mounted on the lunar rover swung round and the rest of my life imprinted itself through my retina into an indelible pattern in my brain.

The lens captured the edge of the dish antenna that was "beaming" the pictures back to earth at the rate of 25 frames per second giving the illusion of movement. The black space representing the rest of the known universe suddenly contained small dots of light as earth itself swum into view, at least I assumed it was earth, a small crescent at the middle/top of the screen.

As the earth bound editor flashed "LIVE FROM THE MOON" across the bottom of the screen (poetry and photography?) I reached for my Trusty Leica, and as the credit faded (multimedia experience?) I gently squeezed the button.

That moment has rarely been out of my thoughts over the last 30 years, the picture has continuously reminded me of the moment, my past constantly living in my present.
What did it mean?, my cultural accumulations made me think of the amazing human achievement, our evolution, our exploration of space, flight, photography, the motor car, radio, television, computers, physics, chemistry, biology - all the unfashionable things that the uneducated dismiss through fear.
I wondered at the dimensions of space and time and how we represent them, but more than anything I kept wondering if I was in the picture somewhere, had I taken a self portrait and if so what was stopping me seeing my self - after all the light reflecting from my body was rushing out the open window and I could just see the pale moon in the darkening sky.

Later as I looked at the print I played a numbers mind game to illuminate my ruminations and which inadvertently led me to a deeper understanding of what makes a photograph work.

First I thought: - where does the light come from that is entering my eyes, running through my optic nerve and exciting my visual cortex - from the photograph of course, no hang on, step back, from the enlarger that made the print? – No, that's a bit tenuous - how about from the light bulb or sunlight that's illuminating the print, no not far enough back, okay, lets see if I can trace it to it's origination....

There were two men on the moon - the documentary evidence is overwhelming, perhaps a rare occasion of photography convincing most of us of reality in the absence of a conspiracy theory or belief in the paranormal.
The date was July 12th 1972, at least if you followed the Gregorian calendar, but it was definitely a discreet quantum moment. The cosmic voyagers, for they were such, and their lunar buggy were being lit by our sun and starlight from the nuclear holocaust of a trillion stars some of whose journey's will have started at the birth of the universe. But let’s restrain ourselves to the main source - our sun was about 96 million miles away from our intrepid travellers and not warming them very much. The earth, also 96 million miles away from the sun was similarly endowed with sunlight, warming some of us, causing havoc to others, and in England, usually hidden behind rain-clouds.
So.... the light stolen by the moon camera, had travelled 96 million miles to the earth from the sun in about 8 minutes, bounced off the earth back to the moon, about 1/4 of a million miles further on. At the same time a separate gust of reflected light from the antenna entered the camera’s lens and then the two now fused evanesences sped, not as light but as electrical pulses, at the speed of light, back to the earth, the two way journey adding another second or so to it's lifespan.
My bundle of binary light landed somewhere at an African ground receiving station, at a time when the winds of change had only just started blowing, and was promptly booted out and sent up to a brand new earth satellite, a sibling of Telstar, and rejected again and delivered down to another earth station at Goldstone, California, call that about 15,000 miles, off again, up and down, 3-4,000 to Mission Control, Houston. Houston's massive computers, far less powerful than today’s laptops, took good care of my photo genes, filling them away with billions of others. (At 25 frames a second there must have been lots!). Fortunately for my cameras voracious film awaiting it's destiny, Houston sent them on another 8,000 mile trip via yet another satellite, winging over the Atlantic to the small BBC receiving station at Goonhilly Downs. Goonhilly sent the transformed photons by landline, a couple of hundred miles to the transmitter at Alexandra Palace, televisions birthplace.

On a sunny morning in Muswell Hill, I used to be able to lie in bed and see the blinking red light on the top of that transmitter

Bald Eagle 001

Bald Eagle 001

The plumage of an adult Bald Eagle is evenly brown with a white head and tail. The tail is moderately long and slightly wedge-shaped. Males and females are identical in plumage coloration, however females display reverse sexual dimorphism and are 25 percent larger than males.[2] The beak, feet, and irises are bright yellow. The legs are unfeathered, and the toes are short and powerful with large talons. The highly developed talon of the hind toe is used to pierce the vital areas of prey while it is held immobile by the front toes.[3] The beak is large and hooked, with a yellow cere.[4]

The plumage of the immature is brown, speckled with white until the fifth (rarely fourth, very rarely third) year, when it reaches sexual maturity.[2][3] Immature Bald Eagles are distinguishable from the Golden Eagle in that the former has a more protruding head with a larger bill, straighter edged wings which are held flat (not slightly raised) and with a stiffer wing beat, and feathers which do not completely cover the legs.[5] Also, the immature Bald Eagle has more light feathers in the upper arm area, especially around the very top of the arm.

Body length ranges from 71 to 96 cm (28–38 in). Adult females have a wingspan of up to 2.44 m (88 in), while adult males may be as small as 1.68 m (66 in).[2] Adult females weigh approximately 5.8 kg (12.8 lb), males weigh 4.1 kg (9 lb).[6] The size of the bird varies by location; the smallest specimens are those from Florida, where an adult male may barely exceed 2.3 kg (5 lb) and a wingspan of 1.8 m (6 ft). The largest are Alaskan birds, where large females may exceed 7.5 kg (16.5 lb) and have a wingspan of over 2.4 m (8 ft).[4]

The Bald Eagle prefers habitats near seacoasts, rivers, large lakes, and other large bodies of open water with an abundance of fish. Studies have shown a preference for bodies of water with a circumference greater than 11 km (7 miles), and lakes with an area greater than 10 km? (3.8 square miles) are optimal for breeding bald eagles.[15]

The Bald Eagle requires old-growth and mature stands of coniferous or hardwood trees for perching, roosting, and nesting. Selected trees must have good visibility, an open structure, and proximity to prey, but the height or species of tree is not as important as an abundance of comparatively large trees surrounding the body of water. Forests used for nesting should have a canopy cover of less than 60 percent, and as low as 20 percent, and be in close proximity to water.[15]

The Bald Eagle is extremely sensitive to human activity, and occurs most commonly in areas free of human disturbance. It chooses sites more than 1.2 km (0.75 miles) from low-density human disturbance and more than 1.8 km (1.2 miles) from medium- to high-density human disturbance.[15]

The Bald Eagle's natural range covers most of North America, including most of Canada, all of the continental United States, and northern Mexico. It is the only Sea Eagle native to only North America. The bird itself is able to live in most of North America's varied habitats from the bayous of Louisiana to the Sonoran Desert and the eastern deciduous forests of Quebec and New England. Northern birds are migratory, while southern birds are resident, often remaining on their breeding territory all year. The Bald Eagle previously bred throughout much of its range but at its lowest population was largely restricted to Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, northern and eastern Canada, and Florida.[16]
Juvenile bald eagle, with salmon in Alaska
Juvenile bald eagle, with salmon in Alaska

It has occurred as a vagrant twice in Ireland; a juvenile was shot illegally in Fermanagh on January 11, 1973 (misidentified at first as a White-tailed Eagle), and an exhausted juvenile was captured in Kerry on November 15, 1987.[17] Bald Eagles will also congregate in certain locations in winter. From November until February, one to two thousand birds winter in Squamish, British Columbia, about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. The birds primarily gather along the Squamish and Cheakamus Rivers, attracted by the salmon spawning in the area.[18]

[edit] Behavior

The Bald Eagle is a powerful flier, and soars on thermal convection currents. It reaches speeds of 56–70 km/h (35–44 miles per hour) when gliding and flapping, and about 48 km/h (30 miles per hour) while carrying fish.[19] It is partially migratory, depending on location. If its territory has access to open water, it remains there year-round, but if the body of water freezes during the winter, making it impossible to obtain food, it migrates to the south or to the coast. The Bald Eagle selects migration routes which take advantage of thermals, updrafts, and food resources. During migration, it may ascend in a thermal and then glide down, or may take ascend in updrafts created by the wind against a cliff or other terrain. Migration generally takes place during the daytime, when thermals are produced by the sun.[3]

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